What is an ascender in fortnite?

What is an ascender in fortnite?

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Fortnite: How to Find and Use an Ascender

According to, This guide will show players how to find and use an Ascender to complete one of Fortnite’s Chapter 3, Season 2 quests.

How to Find and Use an Ascender in Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2

According to, Wondering where and how to use an Ascender in Fortnite? Here’s what you need to know. Some Fortnite quests are easier than others, be it for XP or rewards. Some require players to deal damage with a particular weapon or visit a certain number of locations in a single match.

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According to, What Fortnite Ascenders Are Ascenders look like vertical zipwires that players can hook onto to quickly move up them. These are often found around the bottom of the Airships hovering in the air, or…

According to, What is an Ascender in Fortnite? An Ascender is basically a vertical zipline that helps you climb up (or down) the side of a mountain or one of the Imagined Order Blimps that are located above POIs…

According to, Fortnite Ascender: Ascender Locations. There are Fortnite Ascenders at both Chonker’s Speedway and Command Cavern. Each location is home to five Ascenders total. The Ascenders at Chonker’s Speedway are attached to the different rocks and cliffs across the point of interest. Without an Ascender, it would be difficult to get up on top of these sites.

According to, What Is An Ascender In Fortnite? An Ascender is a vertical zipline that can be used to get on top of large cliffs or even IO blimps that are around the map. Whilst using them, similar to standard…

According to, The Ascender is a vertical zipline that help you traverse above and below into hard-to-reach areas around Fortnite. They can take you to high ground in a fraction of a second without needing to build. Ascenders are also useful for getting below ground without taking fall damage.

According to, Article continues below advertisement How to use an ascender in ‘Fortnite.’ An ascender is a zipline that will take you up to higher sections of the map quickly and efficiently. They’re usually located at the base of various cliffs and mountains around the map or below the blimps that are floating around.

According to, Fortnite players can use ascenders to climb cliffs and high grounds that are difficult to reach. In essence, ascenders are nothing but ziplines that function vertically. Instead of moving from …

According to, It is a specially produced steel rope for you to climb Ascender IO Balloons and high hills. Ascender location in Chonker’s Speedway You can easily find an Ascender on the cliffs northwest of Chonker’s Speedway. You can use Ascender by pressing the interact button but first you go near Ascender. Ascender location in Chonker’s Speedway

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